Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love Oregon

This past weekend we had so much fun. We went to the Coast on Saturday with the Merwin's (Nate's sisters family). I love being with them. They have 3 kids and Peyton just adores all of them. It's cute to watch them. It was a fun relaxing day and I would love to do that every day. It was a little cold but it wasn't raining so we lucked out. I love that we can go with Nate's sisters and their families to do outdoor things...all of our kids love that kind of stuff so it makes it so much fun.

Then we went for a hike on Sunday with just us and our dogs. I took pictures at the coast but I didn't want to bring my camera along for the hike. I wish I would have brought a video camera to the hike because Peyton was so darn cute. She was such a big girl. We were climbing up a hill and she did it all by herself. She tripped a couple times and just said "oppsies" and got back up. She was SO proud of herself when we got to the top. She said "I'm doing it". Then when we went down the hill it was "down the hill, down the hill" over and over and over again. Seriously I think she said it the whole way down. We had her all bundled up and she was splashing around in mud puddles and getting muddy and she loved it. I don't think she has ever really just played in mud puddles like that. It was so much fun.

I put more pictures up on my flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/punkypie/

Nate took this picture of the ocean...I think it's so beautiful

I just love this picture....she is so darn grown up and so stinking cute

Monday, January 19, 2009

single ladies...

So Peyton can totally sing Beyonce "Single Ladies". She wants to listen to it over and over and did I mention over again in the car. She cries and gets all upset when I don't want to listen to it or I turn the radio on instead of the CD she wants to listen to. The reason she really started liking the song if from watching the Justin Timberlake SNL skit. That part makes me laugh so hard. I love that.

Do any of your children sing songs like this? For some reason it just melts my heart.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Football girl.....

So my daughter is so amazing to me. I love football. I love watching it on tv and going to a game. I have to say that I was a little worried when I found out I was having a little girl when I was pregnant with Peyton. I didn't want to have a little girl that loved pink and into barbies. Nor am I excited to have a teenage girl...especially since Peyton is so beautiful. =) So yesterday morning Peyton woke up at 5 and came into bed with us. She thought it was time to be awake but I told her to go back to sleep either in our bed or hers. She picked ours...then asked to watch a show. I told her no. Then about an hour went by and she was still tossing and turning. Then the sweet little girl said...."Mommy, can I watch some football" That just made me so happy. I told her that we can't watch football but that I loved her.

I love that Peyton loves football and loves to watch it with us. I decided that the season tickets we get to the Beaver football games is so worth it. I know that because I love watching football it makes football season around our house so much nicer for my husband. In our household I know that Nate loves the fact that I watch football. Not only do I watch football, but I play on a fantasy football team, I buy our season tickets, and I actually know facts and things about football. I have to say I am sad that this football season is over.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Princess Time

My sweet little niece Faith is over today and Peyton and her are playing so sweet together. Auntie Sarah brought them hot chocolate and they dressed up in princess clothes and drinking their drinks. Now they are playing with all the babies. They both just melt my heart. I had to take some pictures of them. I hope you all have a good day.

A girl after my own heart

Holiday Recap

The holidays went by in a big whirl wind. With being in California I feel like I missed the holiday time. I missed my daughter more than anything. Here are a few pictures of the snow, and Christmas. We had a good Christmas. Busy, we have 2 families to visit. Peyton was loving all the gifts and has been having a fun time playing with all her new toys.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

California and Back

I had such a good time in San Diego. Having no real responsibility was so awesome. I was a little scared to come back to real life. Because of the weather Portland and Seattle was having I had issues coming home. My flight wasn't using those airports to get home, but my plane had mechanical issues. So basically I got screwed because all the other weather issues meant I couldn't get home until Christmas. Well, that just didn't work good for me. I decided to fly to San Fransisco and try to get on a standby flight to Eugene. When I got there, the list for standby to Eugene was 50 people long. I basically cried my way to a plane seat. I was missing my little Peyton so much and I just didn't want to miss Christmas...good thing I am good at crying. So here are a couple pictures from my trip. Then I might just post some extras later. Happy New Year to all. I'm going to try to get back into blogging and working.

This is my sweet best friend Sommer....I love her

I love how Sommer is watching her brother

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Baby in the Family

So my sweet sister in-law Holly had her little baby on December 30th. She had a little baby girl...it was a surprise so it's nice to finally know what her baby is. They named her Olive Grace. She is so sweet and really a beautiful baby. I am just in love with her sweet little cheeks. I am hoping to catch up on blogging, it's been a fun but crazy holiday season. Enjoy the only 2 pictures I have of her now. Don't worry...I get to take more of her.