Tuesday, January 6, 2009

California and Back

I had such a good time in San Diego. Having no real responsibility was so awesome. I was a little scared to come back to real life. Because of the weather Portland and Seattle was having I had issues coming home. My flight wasn't using those airports to get home, but my plane had mechanical issues. So basically I got screwed because all the other weather issues meant I couldn't get home until Christmas. Well, that just didn't work good for me. I decided to fly to San Fransisco and try to get on a standby flight to Eugene. When I got there, the list for standby to Eugene was 50 people long. I basically cried my way to a plane seat. I was missing my little Peyton so much and I just didn't want to miss Christmas...good thing I am good at crying. So here are a couple pictures from my trip. Then I might just post some extras later. Happy New Year to all. I'm going to try to get back into blogging and working.

This is my sweet best friend Sommer....I love her

I love how Sommer is watching her brother

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Work Blog said...

i love the one of som looking at her bro...its so cute, you should print it and send it to her