Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Recap

The holidays went by in a big whirl wind. With being in California I feel like I missed the holiday time. I missed my daughter more than anything. Here are a few pictures of the snow, and Christmas. We had a good Christmas. Busy, we have 2 families to visit. Peyton was loving all the gifts and has been having a fun time playing with all her new toys.

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Anonymous said...

That Peyton is CUTE beautiful for words. People reading this- she is such a caring sweet and beautiful little girl inside too! How I love the last photo of her with the CHEESEY smile. She looks so old...only 2 years old but such an old spirit! Great to see these while I am at work- being home for Christmas break and spending so much time with her and Avery were the BEST ever! Reminds me when you girls were little and all the neighbor kids around! Love you! Mom