Monday, March 30, 2009


So Peyton has had a paci since she was born. With all her tummy problems and crying all the was really a nice thing to have. She is 2 1/2 now and she has had a paci at naps and night time only. I have been thinking that it's probably time to get rid of it. We have tried a couple of times but I am weak. So we told Peyton that is she stopped using a paci that she could get a new doll house. Yesterday was her first day without it. She did good at her nap and was so tired she feel asleep while Nate read her a book. Then at night it was a little harder. She cried for about 10-15 minutes. Then I just went in there and asked if I could sing her a song and snuggle with her. I told her she had to stop crying if she wanted me to do that. It worked. I had to stay with her for longer than I usually have to but she fell asleep without her pacifier. She slept really good and was so excited when she woke up.
We decided to make all of this a big deal. So after she got up from a nap we had the table set with cupcakes, candles, flowers and a princess balloon. She was so excited and we kept telling her how proud we are of her. We sang "Happy no paci day". It was pretty cute. Then we had told her that if she was all done with her paci and she could go to bed without it we would go get her a new doll house. So today we went to Toys R Us and got her a Fisher Price Loving Family doll house. She LOVES it. I have been wanting a reason to get this for her so I was glad that she finally is done with her pacifier. So we got home about noon, it's now 5:00 and she played with it all day except for going outside for about 20 minutes, then she was back to playing with it. It's hard because it was a beautiful day and I kept trying to get her to go outside. Well I took a couple pictures of what we did. It was a fun day and I love her with all my heart. She can't be any cuter. Now I just have to buy her more furniture for the house. It's HUGE.

Being Polite

So I am really big on Peyton being polite. It's hard some times with all the other kids and grown ups and tv shows. I just try to make sure I say please and thank you, use kind words, and show respect to other people. I try to get Peyton to be polite. She is 2 1/2 so it's hard to know if she really understands. She is pretty good about remembering to say please and thank you. Mind you she is 2 so it's not all the time...and mind you I don't think she is perfect. But this little story is just something that melts my heart and I want to remember forever.
We were walking into Papa's pizza on Coburg Road and there was a younger guy that was walking in front of us to the door. He was sweet and opened the door for our family. Peyton was the first to walk in and what to you know.....she looked up to the guy and it the cutest voice said "thank you" as she walked in. Right then and there I just stopped and was just in awe that my daughter did that all on her own. So was the guy that opened the door. I think he was in shock that such a little thing knew to say thank you for holding the door open for her.
So I am so proud of her and all that hard work is actually paying off. I'm glad that she pays attention when I say stuff to her. I think she isn't listening but she is. I just want my children to be polite and respectful. So that when they grow up they will surround themselves with people that are that way too.