Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Last night we rented Kung Fu Panda and had a little fun family night. We put a blanket down, had snacks, and watch the movie. Peyton thought it was so fun and was so excited about popcorn. She laughed at couple parts but mostly she was talking. Surprise, surprise. Nice thing was she stayed up just a little bit past her bed time and she went right to sleep. Oh I love sleeping children. I liked the movie...has anyone else seen it?


Mama Tolle said...

We just saw it the other night, and had some midweek family time. I love that they make kids movies tolerable and likable by adults.

Paula said...

I LOVE Kung Fu Panda! It's Ryan's favorite movie right now!! :-) I'm so glad you have a blog!!! YAY!!!!! :-) xoxox!