Friday, November 21, 2008


So I asked Peyton the other day what she wanted for Christmas. She said "hmmmmm....a sucker" I said you don't want a doll house, or dress up clothes. "no i want suckers" I ask her if she wanted anything else "hmmmm....pretzels" Oh this kid is simple. I already have those things in my house...I can check Peyton off my list. Does anyone else have shopping started? Honestely I only have 1 gift bought for my niece Emma. That's it. I think it's only something like 33 days until Christmas. Good luck to you all. Poor Thanksgiving...always gets push aside until it's time to eat.


Mama Tolle said...

I'm in the same boat with you on shopping. So far, we've only bought a gift for each of the boys. Its coming up quick, and always has a way of sneaking up quicker than we expect.
I LOVE the holidays. Actually, we started listening to Christmas music this morning! :D

Kristin said...

You're right, Thanksgiving does get pushed aside. I just got back from Albertson's because I was buying candy to make Candy Turkeys and they told that they're all out of candy corn. I told them that's crazy since it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Then, they pointed me to the huge aisle of Christmas candy.

Stacey Anderson said...

We have been listening to Rob Mathes..William the Angel...for like the last 2 weeks. Peyton loves it...and I think it makes her get excited. I love it.