Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little dare devil

So Nate put together a little jump thing off her bed the other day and of course she wanted to do it again today. So Mom had to set up all the cushions and blankets. I told her I would do it only if I could take some pictures. The light isn't very good in her room and it was early morning so we got the harsh light but I still think they are fun pictures. Enjoy. If you click on the images they are bigger.

I for some reason just love these next 2 pictures. I took them with a lensbaby so they are a little different. Plus I processed them different too. I love her.

Oh thanks for the congratulations. We are so excited. My due date is October 12th so it's still early but for some reason this pregnancy I have such a relaxed feeling about it. It took us 2 years to get pregnant with Peyton and this one was about 1.5, so we are happy. I have always wanted boys and would really love one now. But the only problem is that Peyton really wants a sister...and to be honest, so do I. I was going through all my baby stuff to give things back to my sister. Kelli is due end of May. All those beautiful girl clothes how can I not have another girl. Plus what I am going to do with all those girl clothes...anyone have boy clothes...I have none. The problem with a boy is that we don't have a name we both like. Girls names are EASY. My favorite right now is Hadley or Brianne (my sisters middle name) I love the idea of Bri for a nickname. Boys names...we like Keen or Cabe. But the middle name has to be William so its hard to find boys names we like. I REALLY like Dawson but it's not one Nate really likes so it's out. Naming your kid is SO hard. the way, you have no idea how excited I am to have a newborn so I can take pictures. guys might get sick of them.


Paula said...

Hopefully someday I will have a girl and we can trade clothes!! :-)

Work Blog said...

aww that brought tears to my eyes that you might want to name your little one Brianne...seriously Im freaking crying now-thanks...haha (damn period).

I cant wait to see what your going to have and cant wait for more babies in the family. Both my sisters pregnant, talk about baby fever. Pey Pey is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Mama Tolle said...

Great pictures! I just love her room!

I think Peyton will be happy with a brother or a sister, and I'm sure you will too. I used to be a little bummed about not having a girl, but I've been able to see my favorite clothes cycle through 3 times now(a few even went through nephews). It really is easier in so many ways to have the same sex.

Bellece and Family said...

I absolutely love the pictures. As for annoying us with newborn pictures. I highly doubt that! Your photos never get old. I love the names your thinking about too. I wanted to name Aiden Dawson but Mariah could only say "Datsun" so I went with Aiden instead. LOL.